聖瑪利大學(Saint Mary’s University)


       Saint Mary’s University traces its roots back to the dream and initiative of the late Msgr. Constant Jurgens, CICM, then Parish Priest of Bayombong and one of the earliest CICM missionaries to arrive in the Philippines. He wanted to establish a school to give the children of his parishioners the benefit of a Christian education. He purchased a lot and some materials for this purpose but then, he was recalled to Europe, thus, it was Rev. Fr. Achilles de Gryse, CICM, his successor, who saw his dream through. Thus, St. Mary’s Elementary School was inaugurated in June 1928. In 1934, with Fr. Godfrey Lambrecht, the High School was opened and in 1947, the College Department, offering A.A., B.S.E., A. B. and Jr. Normal course (ETC). Gradually, the course offerings expanded with Bachelor of Science in Commerce, (1951), Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, (1955) and the Graduate School, (1962). Through the years, many more Departments, Colleges/Schools were opened with more degrees and title course offerings.

         The College’s physical expansion program started with the purchase and development of the campus by the Magat River in 1968. The College was transferred to its new site in 1969. First to rise on the new site was the academic building named Godfrey Lambrecht Hall in memory of the late Rev. Godfrey Lambrecht. This was followed by the construction of the Science Building or Gomburza Hall in 1971 and the Multi-purpose Marian Hall or D Building in 1972.

       Over the years, imposing edifices were put up, such as the Gym-Auditorium (1981), Chapel- Library Building (1983), new Elementary Central Building (1985), High School Science Building (1986), Elementary Central Annex (1990), new High School Building (1992), University Building constructed in commemoration of the College’s elevation to University Status (1995), College of Law Building (1996), Hantson Hall (1998), Institute of Science and Mathematics Building (1999), St. Joseph’s Inn (2001), Sacred Heart Center (2002), High School Building (Phase I) 2003, and Balay na Alumni (2003).

       To rise up to the challenge of maintaining quality education, the institution has submitted itself for accreditation by the PAASCU. Thus, the PAASCU granted Level I accreditation to the Liberal Arts, Commerce and Education Programs in 1983, Level II in 1985, Level III in 1988 with Level III re-accreditation for the Liberal Arts, Education, Commerce and Accountancy Programs in 2000. The Engineering Program was granted Level I accreditation in l995 and Level II in 2001.The High School Department was granted Level I accreditation in 1988, Level II in 1996 with Level II re-accreditation in 1999.The Grade School was granted Level I accreditation in 1985, Level II accreditation in 1989 with Level II re-accreditation in 1999. For the Graduate School Programs in Arts and Sciences, Education and Business Administration, Level I accreditation was granted in 2000.

        Some significant dates/events are: 1967, when the CICM Congregation took over the management and ownership of the school from the Parish; 1969, the College was transferred to its new site; 1984, the St. Mary’s High School celebrated its 50th Anniversary; 1978, the 50th Founding Anniversary of St. Mary’s College; 1994, St. Mary’s College was elevated to University Status with Rev. Fr. John Van Bauwel, CICM, as the First University President; 1995, the 40th Founding Anniversary of the College of Engineering; 1997, the 50th Founding Anniversary of the College of Education; 1998, when Rev. Jessie M. Hechanova, CICM, was installed as SMU’s Second University President and 2001, the 50th Founding Anniversary of the College of Commerce (now, School of Business); 2003, SMU Diamond Jubilee of the founding of SMU.

      Thus from its birth throes in 1928, Saint Mary’s University has steadily grown over the years and has metamorphosed into one of the more developed and important institutions in the Philippines, particularly in the Cagayan Valley Region.


        聖瑪麗大學的起源可以追溯到已故主教的夢想和主動性。恆尤爾根斯,聖母聖心會,然後Bayombong教區的牧師和一個最早的聖母聖心會傳教士抵達菲律賓。他想建立一所學校,給孩子們的利益,他的教民的基督教教育。為此目的,他購買了大量和一些材料,但隨後,他被召回到歐洲,因此,它是神父牧師。聖母聖心會Gryse阿喀琉斯,他的繼任者,誰看到了他的夢想。因此,聖瑪麗小學創辦於1928年6月。 1934年,神父。戈弗雷Lambrecht的,高中開設於1947年,學院部,提供AA,瘋牛病,AB和小師範大學的課程(ETC)。漸漸地,在商務部理學學士(1951年),理學學士土木工程(1955)和研究生院的(1962)提供的課程擴大。通過這些年來,越來越多的部門,學院/學校開度和標題的課程。



上升到維護素質教育的挑戰,該機構已提交認證由PAASCU。因此,PAASCU I級認證授文科,商業和教育項目於1983年,在1985年的第二級,第三級在1988年與III級重新認證的文科,教育,商務及2000年的會計課程。在l995年和II級工程計劃授予I級認證於2001年,高中部,1996年被授予I級,II級認證在1988年與級別II重新認證在1999年一級學校被授予I級認證1985年,於1999年在1989年與第二級重新認證II級認證。在藝術和科學,教育和工商管理研究生課程,2000年獲得I級認證。

        一些重大日期/事件是:1967年,當聖母聖心堂接手教區學校的管理和所有權; 1969年,學院被轉移到了新的站點; 1984年,聖瑪麗高中慶祝其成立50週年; 1978年,聖瑪麗學院,1994年成立50週年,聖瑪麗學院升格為大學地位與牧師神父。聖母聖心會約翰·Bauwel,作為第一大學校長,1995年,工程學院的第40週年,1997年,教育學院成立50週年的1998年,當牧師傑西·Hechanova,聖母聖心會被安裝SMU的第二大學校長,2001年,商學院(商學院)成立50週年,2003年,SMU鑽禧SMU成立。



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